Praa Manuel Teixeira Gomes 2
City / Postal-code
8550-232, Portimão
282 416 290
GPS Coordenates
37° 8' 14.68" N, 8° 32' 5.41" W


Casa Inglesa is one of the iconic cafés in Portimão. It has celebrated 90 years. And remains one of the most frequented places in

Portimão. Situated right on the main square it is a perfect meeting place, or spot to take a break from your shopping.

Amazingly, it has the largest coffee machine in the area, go up and have a look at it behind the counter. 

Then order one of the best coffees in town over 18 ways to choose from.

A "bica", (expresso), a galão (milky coffee) Americano (black coffee) or a super smoothie or rich hot chocolate or protein drinks.

Everyone meets here to discuss business, buy their grandmother afternoon tea and cake, watch the match (in Portuguese of course), read the daily paper, or work on their ipad.

Their huge large sunny square allows you to sit out in the sun and people watch if you wish, or sit inside it the cool air. 

If you are hungry: The best things to have here are their egg dishes, the deep fried squid or small steak with chips and an egg on top. 

Another absolutely delicious treat is their  double 'torrada', which is 2 pieces of toast buttered on both sides. Decadent. The best way to start the day!

A huge assortment of cakes, croissants, almond tarts, almond tarts and traditional hand made marzipan figures in all sorts of shapes, bunny rabbits, birds, strawberries, peaches, these make a great treat, and a small box makes a perfect gift to take home. The fig cakes, stuffed with almonds are also a delight!  With so many pastries its difficult to choose what to have. The Portuguese traditionally have a pastry and coffee in the morning! 

Always known as the place to meet in Portimão right in the main square. 

Also check out their beautiful upstairs "Belle Époque" style coffee shop, only open in the summer, it's like going back in time.

A wealth of history has past through these doors! 

FREE WIFI for customers.

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  • Harry

    Delicious tosta mista! I also had the most delicous and rich hot chocolate! more like chocolate mouse. Had plenty to share!

  • Nicola

    Lovely restaurant, will definitely be returning! Excellent food and service and beautiful location. 5 stars from our family!

  • Josie

    Had a Lovely smoothie and tosta mista on the sunny terrace 

  • Sophia

    Casa Inglesa is one of my favorite places in Portimão, I go here at least once a day. 
    Really need that coffee.

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