Paderne welcomes a fascinating Medieval Fair in the last 3 days of each year.

The historic centre of Paderne appears to returns to the 14th century. The town’s residents make a "journey to the past", from medieval food & banquets, clothing, customs, music, dance, arts, crafts, traditional market, all with great fun! About 12,000 people visit the village during this festival and everyone has a richly rewarding experience.

Consider this a must-see for the last days of the Year, and the first day of the New Year! (From 29 December to 01 January, every year). Paderne is one of the best preserved historical villages of the Barrocal Algarve. Located North of Albufeira, with 4000 inhabitants, it is there we find the ruins of the important Castle of Paderne, one of the seven castles presented in the National Flag.

The river of Quarteira, runs through Paderne and you can still find today the old public area where women came to the river to wash their clothes. This is an interesting monument located at the Fonte de Paderne, which still supplies water for agricultural purposes to its population. This village was a finalist in the category of Historical Villages in a contest conducted by one of the most important television channels in the country, which positively promoted the locality, bringing greater tourist interest to Paderne.

Paderne is also a great destination to live all year round, mainly for retired foreigners. A very popular place for hiking enthusiasts, where you can find several paths marked for this purpose, mountain biking and jeep safaris. And don´t miss a visit to the privately owned "Accordion Museum", a charming estate of this popular instrument.