Tavira is one of the Algarve's most beautiful cities with 27 churches, not all opened, remanents of the old wall, a Moorish castle, the Pego do Inferno (scenic waterfall) and two rivers travelling through it. The city lies on two sides of the river Gilão that flows lazily through out the town. Its beaches are very long, up to 10 km with sugary white sand.

Ilha de Tavria, Cabanas and Barril beach are perfect for families. After the beach there are many beautiful restaurants and shops to explore.

On Rua da Liberdade in Tavira you will find a modern museum of photography dedicated to the work of 4 generations over 120 years of the Andrade family.

The museum begins with the history of photography, followed by the Andrade family history and finally the beautiful portraits and landscapes of Tavira. Also on display are the types of equipment that were used since the beginning of the 20th century: cameras, glass negatives, archive boxes etc, plus original documents from kodak all in prestige condition. 

But most importantly the wonderful photographs that were taken by the Andrade brothers & Luis Andrade. Photographs from the 1st world war, the flood of Tavira and photographs of freedom day – dia Liberdade that occurred on the 25th of April 1974. Also a fantastic photograph of winter 1954 when snow reached the Algarve.

There are over 20 thousand images that have been restored by the Andrade family and a a wonderful selection is displayed in this museum. This is a reminder of how far technology has come and also the work and effort that goes into making a special photograph in those days. This is a peek into the history of photography. 

You can now buy the book Tavira e os Andrades where one can enjoy 120 years of the Andrade's memories.

The museum is on Rua da Liberdade nº 36 Tavira

The telephone number is +351 281 322 298