What are your favourite Nude Beaches in the Algarve?


Unofficial nude beaches are hidden away on the far limits of the normal very long beaches. Often one has to walk 2 or 3 kilometres, 20 minutes, to come across the nude beaches. Usually there are no restaurants or facilities. But you have fine sandy beaches almost to yourself.

Sometimes  you can only get to them by small boat or some by climbing down a rocky cliff.

The two official nude beaches are 

  • On south eastern Algarve on Tavira Island the main nude beach Praia do Homem Nu, (Beach of the Nude Man) reached by a ferry or by tourist train.  
  • In the north western Algarve, just before the Alentejo, in Odeceixe, Adegas beach 
There are many  unofficial nude beaches, normally just beaches that are hard to access or a long walk

  • Quarteira, Praia do Trafal with well weathered rocky outcrops 
  • Armacão de Pêra Praia Grande 
  • To the East of Praia da Marinha is a large secluded beach surrounded by high cliffs, best reached by small boat or climbing down the cliffs, not recommended. 
  • The West side of Alvor beach, about a 20min walk along the dunes. 
  • Lagos, to the far east side of Meia Praia beach. 

The west coast is well know for surfing and freestyle camping.  It's like time travelling back to the 60s. Most beaches have a secluded section where topless bathing is allowed.