Have you been to the Silves Castle lately? If not you're in for a big surprise.

What was once rough ground and unfinished renovations, has become beautifully uncovered Roman ruins, with terraces and trees giving welcome shade. Ideal for a picnic for the whole family.
There is even a lovely café inside the walls offering a host of Natural, Healthy Drinks and delicious food including Gratinee figs stuffed with Sheep cheese, Shrimp Laffa with yoghurt sauce.

Walk around the ramparts for the best views of the city, imagine yourself here in Roman or Moorish  times. The huge cistern has been here since the Roman days and is painted bright pink (so you  cant miss it.)
It collected rainwater from all over the castle.
This cistern held enough  water for the town‘s inhabitants during a siege or during a drought. All the town inhabitants would take cover inside the walls for protection from marauding vandals.
The Romans’ occupation 2000 years ago left behind a beautiful Roman bridge, which was still in use up to 25 years ago! The Arabs were here for over 500 years and many of the buildings bear resemblance to their Moorish architecture. 
This is a great day out, wander around town, plenty of opportunity for photos and for shopping in the quaint village shops!
To get into the castle, there are DISCOUNTS for over 65, under 12, and Students, just make sure you have the appropriate identification to show at the door. 

Silves at one time was the capital of the Algarve and the Arade river was 100% navigatable from Portimao all the way up to Silves, making it an important trading port. Gradually over the years the river silted up and now only the smaller boats can make their way to Silves, so  Silves lost its place as the capital.

It does however have an interesting market and shops that are fun to visit.