Loulé City of Markets

Loulé is a fascinating historic town and very popular for it's markets. What is particularly interesting is that the main Loulé market has changed so little in over the centuries. Unlike other towns that have torn down the original market buildings and replaced them with concrete block buildings, Loulé has a beautiful historic market building. Loulé Fruit & Vegetable Market What most tourists dont realise is that in the centre of Loulé next to the Camera ( Loulé council) is a fantastic fruit, Vegetable, Fish, Meat and Bread market. Since the middle ages Loulé has been a city of trade and markets. The market building, which is traditionally called the " Praça" is a fascinating Arabic style red & white architectural wonder. a   This is the best place to buy the freshest daily fish brought straight from the fishermen. Many of the fish stalls are actually owned by fishermen. Fresh and mostly organic fruit and vegetables can be bought direct from farmers as well as a wide variety of herbs and spices which are all home grown. Traditional Port wine, local and further afield Regional wines and olive oil are also very popular items. photo 3 Most people don't realise that the " Praça inside market is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday and can thus be visited daily. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the traditions of Portugal in a interesting historic city not far from the coast. The Saturday Gypsy Market occurs every Saturday of the month. You can find the gypsy market at the entrance of Loul, spead over acres of vacant land, where there are over 50 stalls selling clothes, shoes, plants, toys, bags, leather, Portuguese souvenirs etc.It is also interesting to see the gypsy families, with their smaller children sleeping on top of the clothes they sell, or nestled in a basket behind them. they will also have a small BBQ where they make their own grilled fish or meat in between hawking their wares. Be sure to check out any item you buy here carefully (there is no return policy) and bargaining is certainly allowed, especially if you are buying a number of items from one vendor. City of Markets Loulé also has a showcase of 'City of Markets' on the 1st Saturday of every month. It aim is to unite points of interest such as sales, street entertainment, tracing the route linking City market and Santo Antonios Market. Enjoy the local heritage and culture of this amazing city and feel like one of the locals. photo 5 Be sure to get to the markets early, well before noon, to have the true flavour and freshest produce and see the locals busy at their weekly shopping. On Saturday the market closes at about 1pm.