Ospreys, that have been absent from the Algarve for decades, may indeed be returning.

For years the Osprey had disappeared completely, then they began visiting casually, but not breeding here.

They have been successfully reintroduced in Andalusia, Spain, but to date had not been seen in the Algarve.

Now finally a new breeding pair has been sighted in the Costa Vicentina Natural Park. They are variously known as the fish eagle or fish hawk. To start up the recovery of the Osprey, almost 100 birds were released in the Iberian Peninsula. Those in Portugal are being observed and monitored by researchers in the Alqueva reservoir.

The Osprey is a fabulous bird to watch, it is 2 feet long and can be almost 6 feet from wing tip to wing tip, always located by water as their main food source is fish. As well as the Osprey, the black Vultures may be returning to the Alentejo, as two nesting pairs have been seen this season. Relying on carrion for their food, they forseeabily could gradually increase in numbers and move to the south. Considered one of the worlds largest birds of prey, with a wing span of up to 3 meters, this is another contender for interest by bird watchers coming to Portugal.

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