Snow Bird

Aren’t you glad you’re a snow bird?
But where is the best place to be a one? 

Over the long cold snow covered winter of the Northern European countries, even in Canada and the northern USA there are hundreds of thousands of people that leave the cold climate, the snow shovelling, the frozen fingers, to escape to warmer climates. 

There’re’s no better place than the Algarve with its warm Mediterranean climate. During most of the winter warm to hot days and cooler nights. Food in family run restaurants is very cheap, a full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast & beans, orange juice and coffee could be a low as 6:50€.  At lunch the daily special three course meal could be as low as 8€ with a glass of wine! 

Across all the Algarve apartment prices are well under what you’d pay in the season, at least 50%  cheaper.

Fresh fruit and vegetables at the supermarket are much cheaper than at home,  most are grown here.   Pork and chicken are the best meat buys. The wine from 2€ a bottle is an oenophiles’ delight. Excellent bottles can be had for 7€+. If its coffee you crave, even the smallest coffee shop will serve delicious coffee and pastries.

Walk the miles of beaches, stroll the boardwalks. Walk along the cobblestones streets in the villages. See the Almond trees blossom in January, the mimosa bloom in  February and March and millions of wildflowers blanket the countryside, in reds, pinks and yellows in April and May. 

And forget about the sub Artic temperatures back home. Tell them to ditch the snow shovels and join you because everyone adores  the life of a snowbird.

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