Salgados Golf


Estrada dos Salgados 1
City / Postal-code
8200-427, Galé
289 583 030
Mobile number
911 032 723
GPS Coordenates
37° 5' 35.95" N, 8° 19' 26.98" W


SPECIAL GOLF OFFERS AT SALGADOS LINKS 18 HOLES PAR 72 DRIVING RANGE - PUTTING GREEN Spacious Comfortable Restaurant Bar, Snacks & Large Sunny Terrace. Lockers - Rental Clubs - Golf Shop.

CS SALGADOS GOLF -(+351) 911 032 723 / 925 268 859
CS MORGADO GOLF - 282 402 150
CS ALAMOS GOLF - 282 402 150

Twilight Offer 25 With Free Trolley After 3pm
18 Holes - 2 pax with buggy - 99
18 Holes - 2 pax with buggy & clubs - 115

Special packages & twilight. Must mention FREEMAPS
Call or email to book.

Subject to rentals availability.

Welcome to Salgados situated next to Praia Grande, a long stretch of beach on one side and a protected bird sanctuary on the other; offering a links style setting with varying offshore breezes and bird life.

makes for easy walking, greens and Tees are close together, the yellow Tees make for a pleasant game, try the whites if you are feeling confident but perhaps only advisable for single handicapper or professional players.
  The First Hole - a short par four, is quite straight forward most players take a safety club off the tee, a long iron or fairway wood to ensure that you land on the narrow fairway, then a short approach to the green, sounds easy, but there is water both sides of the fairway waiting for stray balls.

The Second Hole - a par five, requires an accurate second shot to a narrow fairway, water and out of bounds on both sides, 5 is a good score here.

The Third Hole - a par three, take a moment to feel the wind direction before selecting your club, only problem is the bunker to the right of the long sloping green.

The Fourth Hole - a par four, always a good hole, stay left from the Tee second shot to a wide two tiered green, no bunkers anywhere on this hole.

The Fifth Hole - a par four, a slight dog leg left, no bunkers from the Tee, the green is a little elevated, bunker short left and water big, be careful.

The Sixth Hole - a par five, one of the best and most difficult holes on the course, water all the way down the right side to the green; all you need is three straight shots!

The Seventh Hole - a par four, has a great view to the dunes in the distance; most players cant reach the fairway bunker to the left, leaving a long second shot to the green. Grass bunker short of the green and bunker to the right just short of the out of bounds.

The Eighth Hole - a par three, all the problems are short of the green two big bunkers large flat green.

The Ninth Hole - a par four, dog leg right, water all the way down the right to the green again no bunkers but grass hollows around the green and water also down the left of the fairway don't go over the green into water at the back.

The Tenth Hole a par four, a good Tee shot needed to carry the water, some deep bunkers to the left of the fairway which make it very difficult to reach the green in two. Four is a good score here.

The Eleventh Hole a short par four most use a fairway wood or long iron to stay short of the water then a short iron to an unusual green which falls away to the left carry the front bunker but dont be big as there is water waiting.

The Twelfth Hole a par three - everyone remembers this one as the water goes almost to the front of the green the green is also surrounded by two bunkers.

The Thirteenth Hole a short par four some big hitters go over the water direct behind the green but water left two bunkers to the right the safest way is to hit the fairway with your favorite club and a short iron to the green.

The Fourteenth Hole first of two par fives running parallel to each other this one has no bunkers. If there is no wind you have the chance of a birdie. Just be careful of the water just short right of the green.

The Fifteenth Hole a par five - is the longest hole on the course - mounds all on the left side of the fairway which are covered in deep rough be sure of the pin position as this is a very long green.

The Sixteenth Hole a par four no problems off the tee, again you need to know the pin position as this is very large and undulating green.

The Seventeenth Hole a par three take time to study the wind direction and chose your club carefully, straight forward hole but watch the bunkers to the left.

The Eighteenth Hole a par four from the tees stay left of the fairway bunkers and watch the water along the right almost up to the green. A satisfying finish and should be an easy par.

Have a great game and remember the wind is a deciding and changeable factor on this links style course and never underestimate the water challenges!

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