La Lojas - La Shops


Rua Cndido dos Reis 36
City / Postal-code
8200-096, Vilamoura
GPS Coordenates
37° 5' 16.69" N, 8° 15' 2.99" W


The largest & best selection of fashion accessories, sensational shoe collection, handbags, purses, evening dresses & jewellery of high quality.

Great assortment of natural cork items: handbags, purses, shoes, belts and wallets. All items are made in Portugal & have their own trade mark & have respective certificates "Made in Portugal".

They are a Factory Outlet (own brand manufacturer).

GPS Vilamoura shop: N 37.0774013415494 W 8.117179870605468
GPS Albufeira shop: N 37.0882810083968 W 8.25124740600586
GPS Faro shop: N 37.016166230345256 W 7.931654155254364


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