Restaurante Mariscada


Vilamoura Marina, loja 83/84 - Vilamoura
City / Postal-code
919 126 109
GPS Coordenates
37° 4' 38.88" N, 8° 7' 20.01" W


Known as the KING of fish & shellfish in the Vilamoura marina. Any time of the day or night you can indulge in an incredible seafood feast! They offer absolutely every speciality seafood dish: lobster, tiger prawns, paella & the fantastic seafood plater (Mariscada). The favourites include many cataplanas (Gold winner from Tourism of Algarve) & the chateaubriand (a golfers favourite!). Also many steaks & lamb etc. Absolutely everything is made to order, 100% quality. Mr. Jorge is here watching over your table & order, so everything will be perfect! Watch the magnificent marina view! Special menu for groups.
If you want a seafood feast this is the place to go. Menu in 5 languages & Braille! Kitchen open 9am-1am all day, everyday.


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