How To Drive Safely in the Algarve

One of the trickiest parts of driving in Portugal is mastering driving through 'Roundabouts', where you may have six or more roadsleading off or into the roundabout.  Double World Roundabout in Albufeira Old Town Many tourists seeing the roundabouts for the first time are terrified of how to conquer them and they are often totally confused. Just remember these rules :
  • The car on the roundabout always has priority.
  • To go off the roundabout you must be on the right hand lane.
  • NEVER change lanes at the last moment, take it easyand rather go around again to reach your exit safely
  • Change lanes slowly.
  • Make sure to ALWAYS check your rear view mirror, and single when changing lanes.
  • Many accidents occur when tourists suddenly make a lane change in a roundabout, to get off an exit.
  • Some roundabouts are really beautiful, and some are no more than heaps of rocks.
How To Drive Safely in the AlgarveDolphin Roundabout in Pera, Albufeira The beautiful ones include the World Roundabout in Santa Eulalia/Montechoro, Albufeira, the Double World Roundabout at the entrance of Old Town Albufeira and the stylized boat with the golden ball at the entrance to,the Albufeira Marina. The Dolphin roundabout at the top of Albufeira with dolphins jumping through spray is also lovely. Two of the favourite roundabouts are in Portimao, one isa group of ladies carved fromgrey and white marble, one carrying a baby in her arms,one packing sardines in tins. One a Fishermans wife.  How To Drive Safely in the AlgarvePink and grey marble 'Women' in Portimo Also done by the same artist are the marble figures all looking up to the sky as if waiting for a plane to pass at the entrance to the FAROairport. These are splendid works. There is also a lovely abstract boat roundabout at the entrance to Lagos, with a water shower over the boat. Lovely when the water is turned on. Some roundabouts show the typical plants of the Algarve, like carob trees, olive trees etc. Please don't stop in the roundabout to take a photo, pull over after the round about carefully, and then get that shot. The most famous of all roundabouts is in Lisbon, called the Marquis de Pombal roundabout. With about a dozen roads leading into and out of it, it is overwhelming in size. Just follow the basic rules and you will get through it OK

.How To Drive Safely in the Algarve 'Thumb print' in Armao de Pra Be very careful when moving from one lane to the other, always watching in the rear mirror, and never try to move over more than one lane at a time. The Marquis de Pombal, was the man who laid out the plans for rebuilding all of Lisbon that was flattened in the 1574 earthquake and subsequent tsunami. His statute stands in the centre of the roundabout, and can be seen for miles around. Do you have another favourite roundabout. Tell us and we'll add it to our story.  

  How To Drive Safely in the Algarve

Fisherman's Boat at Fisherman's beach, Armação de Pêra

How To Drive Safely in the Algarve Boat and Sun at entrance to Albufeira Marina

 How To Drive Safely in the AlgarveSpace men? in Armao de Pra, or whatever you think!"