Cycling, Training & Touring in the Algarve


The Algarve offers exceptional conditions for cycling training and touring. Submitted by ~Thomas Swift Metcalf

Cycling is unique. You'renot stuck in a gym, you're not stuck in a car. Cycling is hugely popular among local people in the Algarve. They cycle because the roads are good and the scenery is beautiful.  Great scenery, great cycling; it's why the pros come to the Algarve so often. Beach tourism is by far the biggest industry in the Algarve. This means that the hills and countryside (known as 'Barrocal Algarvio' locally)are largely ignored by 'mass tourism', leaving cyclists with most of therural roads to themselves. Local knowledge is important to be able to get to the best places for cycling and avoiding the more developed parts of the coast. The Algarve isn't (yet) famous as a destination for cycling training, bizarre since the Algarve has an average three hundred days of sunshine a year, excellent roads, facilities and hotels... For some reason,many cyclists areseem fixated on cycling training in Mallorca. If your a cyclist give the Algarve a try, at least'll probably never return to Mallorca again!Cycling, Training & Touring in the Algarve Cyclists sculpture in the Algarve town of Loul There's a tremendous history of cycling in the Algarve. Before Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, the only British winner of a three week stage race was Cayn Theaksona and he did so with the Algarvean team Louletano sports club. You canread about his saga on pez cycling. The most successful Portuguese cycling team of the last thirty years -and oldest professional cycling team in the world- is Algarvea. Read about it here: Clube de ciclismo de Tavira. The Algarve also hosts one of the best early season professional cycling races that has hadtop competitors such as Alberto Contador, Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish Volta ao Algarve. Several teams also choose the Algarve to do their pre-season training camps including the Cervlo test team Wiki article on the Cervlo team.There are several companies and individuals dedicated to promoting the 'momentum' sports in the Algarve, includingthevery goodcompany 'Swift Momentum Sports'. Swift has ridden 160,000 km in the Algarve and knows it very well. His speciality is road cycling, however, also on the team is Irish national mountain bike champion Richie Felle Richie's bog to provide great mountain biking experience. Check out a video done by Swift's cousin Brian FortuneBrian Fortunein February 2012:

 Whether you want a gentle ride through the countryside exploring remote towns and villages, or whether you want to race up and down mountains the Algarve has got something for you. Try it. The Algarve is for cycling and cycling training. If you have any questions relating to cycling and the Algarve get in touch with Thomas Swift through'sms' .  For touring or training