Popular Souvenirs From The Algarve


If you want a genuinePortuguesesouvenir, not something made in the far east, below is a list of 100% Portuguese products. If you need something for gran, mum, and the kids, look no further. There are so many shops to choose from. Happy shopping, leave the men in the pub watching the match and off you go!
  • Portuguese liqueur, some of the more favourites include: almond, fig, strawberry, liqueur
  • Portuguese Brandy or fire water, 'Medronho'
  • Portuguese olive oil, the goodness of the sun in a heart-healthy oil (see write up below)
  • Portuguese wine
  • Cigarettes, cheaper than at home
  • Portuguese rooster, in metal or ceramics
  • Cork items, from place mats to shoes, tops, bags etc
  • Algarve logo caps
  • Algarve key rings/lighters/pens/pencils/fridge magnets/small change purses
  • Sarongs, for those odd hot days back home, or for around the pool or your return trip to the Algarve!
  • Algarvian Jams are packed full of fruit (strawberry, tomato, orange, fig, grape jelly etc.& honey made with hint of rosemary etc). Best prices in Supermarkets!
  • Bags for the women or men
  • Gorgeous sheets and linens, aprons, embroidered tea towels, embroidered baby towels etc.
  • Embroidered Table clothes & table dress linens
  • Clothing, some pretty, up to date fashion around especially in the special shops mentioned,
  • Shoes, Portuguese leather shoe wear goes on forever and forever
  • Jewelry, from fashionable costumejewelryto semi-precious stones and gold adornments,
  • If your got the space, some oranges that taste even better at home!

The rest is up to you to discover! Make sure to pack the liquids securely or in your suitcase. Ports wines and olive oils can be bought in the break proof metal tin, in the larger supermarkets. Alisuper Supermarkets & Apolonio Supermarkets have the oil by the bottle presented in a tin.

Algarvean Olive Oil Flor do Caldeiro

Algarvean olive oil is made by local growers who still make the olive oil in the artisan way. It takes time and dedication tocreatethis pure extra virgin olive oil.Through atraditionalprocess the olives are selected by patients hands than taken to the mill. The end result is a superior olive oil, of great purity and intensity that enhances theflavorof pure juice from the olive. Flor do Caldeiro is now available in all Alisuper supermarkets across the Algarve with a great promotion untill the end of March. You can also find more information on Flor do Caldeiro on their Facebook page.